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Sandra (Principal) Tyrone Clemons (Elder)




Hello!  Welcome to the Bethel Adventist Church School Website! Home of the Mighty Eagles! I am Mrs. Sandra Clemons, Principal! 

Did you know that Adventist Schools are unique institutions that fill a special place in the great end-time controversy between Christ and Satan?  Not only does Adventist Schools prepare students for life in this world and introduce young people to Jesus as Lord and Savior, but they also inspire the coming generation with an understanding of God's end-time warning about a disastrous future or outcome such as global warming, but it shows visions that lead them to dedicate their lives to that vision and the advent of our Lord. 

For the 2023-2024 school year, I am happy to announce that Bethel Adventist Church School is accepting applications and enrollment for grades K-10th. 

We welcome students that are being homeschooled. To get further information please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The 2023-2024 school year will begin on Monday, August 14, 2023 with a host of exciting classes such as STEAM, Robotics, Foreign Language, archery and many more added subjects to enhance students learning.

We're a small school with a GREAT BIG HEART!  We will be delighted to have you as a part of our Bethel Church School Family!  For more information you can call the school at 903.838.4215 or email the school at www.bethelsdachurchschool@gmail.com.  Don't forget to come out and meet our mascot!  Ethel, the Eaglet!



Mrs. S. Clemons, Principal                               


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Bethel Admission Flyer (2023-2024) - English

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Bethel Adventist Church School Parent-Student Handbook for (2023-2024)

9th Grade Information Packet for 2023-2024 

10th Grade Information Packet for 2023-2024

Bethel Adventist Church School Registration Checklist (2023-2024) 

     Consent to Student Treatment Release Form

     Student Behavior Agreement

     Student Photo Release Form

     Computer Systems - User Agreement and Parent Permission Form & Campus Wide "Bring Your Own Device" 

     Usage Guidelines and Policies

Bethel Adventist Church School Student Application (2023-2024)

Bethel Adventist Church School Supply List for 2023-2024